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Vizlib Bar Chart v1.7 released!

1. [#161646670]: add custom color control when 2 dims + 1 measure

Added a custom color option within the measure when 2 dimensions are used.

2. [#161086778]: Possibility to add legend title

Added new legend title option, where a custom title (auto is 2nd dim.) can be used.

3. [#160763441]: support ColorMix

ColorMix() function is now supported as a custom color for a measure.

4. [#161795625]: added asc/desc sort order for the legend

Added option to control sorting order direction of the legend.

1. [#161111229]: The legend is not correct if it has a / in the label name

Legend labels were showing some extra '/' in some scenarios.

2. [#160578805]: There is no possibility to scroll all items in legend

Fixed scroll calculations and scroll limits.

3. [#160579720]: issues with responsive labels font size when showing data values on bars

Adjusted size of text to the box size, but if the box size is too small then the text becomes hidden.

4. [#160648536]: Stacked bar chart - negative values are displayed above 0 x-axis

5. [#161112776]: Benchmark issues for more than the 1st measure

User can set a benchmark for every selected measure.

6. [#161113046]: If benchmark and drill down are applied, selection doesnt work

7. [#161173193]: The sorting  legend was not always working properly.

Corrected some issues with the legend sorting.

8. [#161749021]: Minor changes on the property panel visible components.

Show/hide some components that don't apply on the chart with some combinations of settings.

9. [#161778212]: Message for display condition not fulfilled is not evaluated

When using an expression on the the calc. condition error message was not evaluated.

10. [#161778117, #161315565, #161342876]: Corrected consistency with color tiles and tooltips

Tooltip wasn't showing the right tile color when having 2 dim, 'Color By Dimension' scheme and 'Use Custom Colors'.

Tooltip not consistent when using the benchmark setting.

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