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Vizlib Table v2.9 released!

1. [#162267103]: implement custom null coloring

Added new switch within the dimension/measure section to have a custom null color (background and text)

1. [#160884379]:horizontal alignment in headers doesn't always work

Custom alignment within the measure/dimension section sometimes was not working when overwritten by the general appearance setting.

3. [#160829554]: resize column is in wrong position

The column resize object was not aligned at the border of the column

4. [#160458421]: sorting arrow it's not aligned with header cell

Sorting arrow was not aligned properly on the header cell.

5. [#162557911]: calc condition description was not evaluating expressions

Data handling calc condition was not evaluating expressions but returning just a string.

6. [#162557943]: sparklines sorting issues

In some scenarios when trying to sort a column that had a sparkline the sparklines were disappearing.

7. [#162558089]: sorting of rows when exporting to excel was not always correct

When exporting to excel the sort order of the rows was not the right one.

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