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Vizlib Bar Chart v1.8.1 released!

1. [#VZB-317]: Alternate state panel component inconsistency

When removing an alternate state from the AS manager was showing a wrong label.

2. [#VZB-214, #VSP-125, #VZB-311, #VZB-301]]: Corrected console errors in some scenarios

Corrected NaN and undefined errors shown in the browser console happening mainly when the object didn't have enough space to render bars and other edge cases scenarios.

3. [#VSP-140, #VZB-303]: 'Cannot read property of isOn of undefined' and Cannot read property 'orientation' of undefined

Corrected conversion errors happening in older versions of the bar chart.

4. [#VSP-120]: legend colours not in order when suppress zero values

Fixed color order of legend when suppress zero value check was enabled.

5. [#VSP-80, #VSP-81]: the bar chart is not rendering when the num formatting is invalid

Added fallback formatting for the case the num formatting is invalid.

 Vizlib Bar Chart Documentation

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