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Vizlib Scatter Chart v2.6.1 released!

1. [VZB-386]: Corrected typos in prop panel.

Corrected minor typos on the prop panel.

2. [VSP-149]: custom bubble color not always gets applied

The custom bubble color was not being applied when a dimension was defined in the color palette amongst trend lines.

3. [VZB-188]: Corrected issues with PDF export

PDF export was not working in some scenarios when combined with certain datasets.

4. [VSP-124]: dashed lines between two series get stuck when using the snail trail.

Dashed lines used for the drag select when 2 dimension are used on the scatter was not disappearing after drag select.

5. [VZB-218]: Corrected minor conversion issues

Corrected console errors due from old version of line chart

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