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Vizlib Combo Chart v1.1 released!

1. [VSP-195]: Added option for each measure to hide measure labels from y-axis/alternatives

This option offers the ability to show and hide labels for measures. This also means that the metric cannot be swapped as an alternative, meaning it can be forced to be shown.

This is ideal for customised trend lines that always need to be shown, or for the creation of funnel charts.

1. [VZB-647]: When selecting bars, some data points are not highlighted

Resolved issue where highlighted data points were not being shown 

2. [VSP-209]: Some settings were not carried over when the extension was created with visualisation API

Resolved issue where options were not applied when creating the Vizlib Combo Chart via the Qlik Visualisation API

3. [VZB-667]: Nulls are connected by lines on horizontal orientation

Resolved an issue where null data points were being connected 

4. [VSP-194]: Issues with Secondary Axis on the Combo Chart

Resolved console errors as well as rendering issues

5. [VZB-624]: Bar opacity not working as normal

Resolved an error where the opacity of bars setting was not being applied

6. [VZB-615]: Line presentation is to the right hand side

Resolved issue where line was being displayed off-centre

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