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Format KPI title text

I use the KPI extension a lot and usually always have 'Show Titles' turned on.  I would like to be able to better format the text shown in the title (e.g. center the text, adjust font size/color, etc).  I haven't been able to figure out how to do it if that feature does exist.

Can you either help me figure this out if the feature does exist, or add it to the Feature Requests list for the KPI object (and any other object that utilizes the 'Show Titles' feature)?

Thank you


Bronson Elliott

  • Hi Bronson!

    Time for a long overdue response! The format of the titles in Qlik Sense can be altered by using themes

    Since the title functionality is provided by Qlik, this sits with them for now. You can do the following as a nice workaround:

    1. Turn the native title off
    2. add a text layer in the Vizlib KPI Designer
    3. format the text layer to look like a title

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