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Vizlib Table - alternative measures and dimensions menu

implement the same menu that exist in the pivot table , that allow users to select dimensions and measures with out going to edit mode .

in the straight table 

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  •  +1.

    Alternatives in Pivot are brilliantly useful. They largely replace the need for clunky dynamic tables and keep the developer from having to pre-guess all of the user's use cases. Having similar or identical functionality in regular tables would finish the job of letting users change things up on the fly without the need to enter edit mode, which is a huge benefit from my perspective as a developer.

  • We're looking into implementing a more sophisticated dynamic menu fort he Pivot Table first, which, if successful, will find its way to the Vizlib Table too :)! Stay tuned!

  •  Sounds good to me, Martin. Additional food for thought: Table alternatives, pivot or straight, would be even better if they could be saved/bookmarked for reuse. Currently anyone who wants a reusable table alteration has to either have it globally developed, or has to develop it on their own using Qlik's "Edit" mechanism, which is a lot more elaborate and complex than most users want to deal with. I'm not sure if this is something that's even feasible, but if it is, it'd make a great functionality even better.

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