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Pivot Table - control specific dimensions text alignment

currently you can only control all pivot table dimension alignment together

but sometimes you have a mix of text and numeric dimensions and you want to align text to the left and numbers to the right  

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  • Hi Liron!

    Thanks for sharing this feature in our community, we've added this to our road map, our internal ID to track this is VSP-515



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  • Hello,

    Would the future update include independent column width, especially for left dimension columns when Indent Row is set to NO. 

    For example, if there are two dimensions, one with a short code, the other with a long name, both on the left side, for now I can't find how to set their width independently. This is possible in Qlik Sense Pivot Table nativ.

    Should I post this as a new idea ?

    Thank you!

  • I see this is already possible in 2.2.0 ... or it was before and I didn't see it. Great job !

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