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Vizlib Pivot Table v2.0.1 released!

1. [VSP-466]: Data Handling Bug With Vizlib Pivot Table - condition expressions have lost values when upgrading from 1.7.6 

This fix requires further steps from a Qlik Developer to resolve:

  • Open property panel for the object with missing calculation condition.
  • Refresh the page whilst still in edit mode
  • Calculation condition should reappear

2. [VSP-487]: Does not display custom message when calculation condition not met

Custom message was not shown

3. [VSP-486]: Error using QS native exporting in Vizlib Pivot Table

QS native exporting produced errors "no data to export"

4. [VSP-458]: Pivot 2.0.0 dimension headers are blank after upgrade

Some users faced issues where the dimension headers were not rendered on the extension object

5. [VSP-375]: Vizlib Pivot Table not showing in Vizlib Container

The Vizlib Picot was not showing within the Vizlib Container

6. [VSP-454]: Vizlib Pivot Table last measure disappears when zoom is above 100%

The last measure was disappearing when using a modified level of browser zoom

 Vizlib Pivot Table Documentation  

  • Are these bugs that were fixed in this version or ones that exist in this version?

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