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Vizlib Container: multiple objects in one tab

Dear Vizlib-Team,


I really like the Vizlib Container Extension as it facilitates putting multiple objects into one sheet without cluttering it up. 

However, in many use cases I’d need to show one table in one tab and multiple diagrams side by side in another tab. I would therefore appreciate the possibility of putting multiple objects into a single container-tab.

Is there any way to achieve this, or is it planned for future releases?

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  • I had a similar need and have implemented container within container to handle my situation.  For my case - I needed to show a view of 3 visuals with and without a certain dimension present.  I created 2 master drill-down dimensions  - 1 that contained all dim values and another that excluded the dim value I wanted omitted.  I created a container with the 3 charts using the 1st master dimension (including all dim values) and a 2nd container with the 3 charts using the 2nd master dimension (excluding the 1 dim value).  I saved each of those containers as master visuals.  I created a 3rd container and brought in containers 1 and 2  - creating nested containers.  The affect is like having a button which allows the user to select viewing charts with and without the certain dimension included.  They seemed to be happy with this.  

  • Hi Raphael!

    Thanks for your suggestion! We're aware of such demand for this type of feature and we're working on a Vizlib Container feature that allows customers to create this. 

  • Following up on Piers - this is already been developed and currently in testing. You will be able to select your own grids and show multiple objects in one view :)! Stay tuned - I anticipate this to be out in the next 2-3 weeks max, if not earlier. 


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