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Vizlib Table v3.3.0 released!

1. [VZB-1417]: Performance improvement due to condensation of expressions

Performance improved by reducing the number of calculations required

2. [VZB-1343]: Create table wizard (similar to the Vizlib Pivot Table Wizard)

We have now introduced our popular wizard feature on the Vizlib table so that our users are able to seamlessly add in dimensions and measures from any table(s) of their choosing. A true drag and drop experience!

3. [VZB-913]:  "Auto" Number format support

"Auto" Number format support for custom abbreviations and parenthesis on negative values

1. [VSP-366]: Extension conflicts with bootstrap classes in mashup causing gap in table

There were CSS conflicts with bootstrap in mashups

2. [VSP-533]: Vizlib Table search icon pushed into border on mouse hover / pin

The search icon was not appearing in the expected position

3. [VSP-381]: Vizlib Table mini line chart - data points not visible

Some data points were missing from mini-charts

4. [VSP-443]: Vizlib Table conversion from bar/line chart has issues

Issues occured during conversion

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