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Hi Team,


I wanted to ask about 2 feature in vizlib filter:

  • In native Qlik filter, if dimension is drill-down, you can select multiple or single value. If you select multiple values, it doesn’t not drill-down but if you select one value, then it will drill-down. In vizlib filter, even if I chose “MultiSelect” in “Interactivity” tab, it will always be single select for drill-dow. Could you implement this feature in the vizlib? 
  • I noticed if you select a value in drill-down filter, there is no way to deselect that value, or move back one step below. In other extension called “TC menue” I can see when a value is selected, there is a back button where you can deselect the drill-down value and move one level up. Could you also add that feature?




(30.5 KB)
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