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"Custom Tooltip (supports HTML)" - add to Vizlib Combo Chart

In the Vizlib Combo Chart, it is possible to adapt the tooltips of a measure ("Custom Tooltip (supports HTML)") but I haven't found this setting in the Vizlib Line Chart.

Is it possible to add it there as well?

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  • Hi David

    Great idea! We'll see if this is feasible - I try to use custom tooltips wherever possible in my apps

    In the meantime, lets see how many votes we can get!

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  • Custom tooltip allows you to add only the expression and not label what it is. It would be great to have the label to identify the value in the expression

  • Can/Will this be added to all charts and graphs?

  • Hi Ruth

    We can add this to more of our extensions, please raise individual feature requests for your most anticipated extensions

    I think we'll be adding this to the Vizlib Line Chart first

  • Hi Piers,

    is it possible to add this feature to the Pie Charts as well?

    Do I need to open a new feature request for this?

  • Hi David,

    If you could please create a new request, this way we can update 1 feature request each, then you will know which extensions has this first

  • Piers,

    I already created a ticket for this (#9322) a little under a month ago.  Should David create another one?

  • Updating this post since the line chart custom tooltip was implemented in our 2019 August Bundle 

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