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Climber Custom Report v3.0.0 released!

1. [CL-178], [CL-360],  [CL-25] : Include Vizlib Pivot Table, Vizlib Venn Diagram, Vizlib Sankey Chart as visualizations

There are 3 new visualizations in the Climber Custom Report

2. [CL-585]: Add new settings to allow menu items text to be changed by the developer

This new feature allows for custom text and translations to be used in the Custom Report for an ultra user friendly experience

1. [CL-393]: Tiny issue with color code expressions

Colour expression output was reversed

3. [VZB-1590]: Setting for "Include zero values" not updated in the Custom Report

Incorrect setting naming after QS upgrade

4. [CL-575]: Header for columns of the native table extend beyond the area of extension.

Header text displayed outside of the allocated extension area when the text was too long

 Climber Custom Report Documentation  

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