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Pivot table Totals position

Pivot table has now the option to set default alignment of the horizontal scroll bar to END/right ... which is really good because sometimes the interesting/new data is there.

I think it would be a good idea if we could also put the Totals for the top/horizontal dimension in the same place (END/right), otherwise you would have to scroll back and forth to see the totals.

Thank you !

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  • Isn't this already available? Perhaps I misunderstood the suggestion...


  • Maybe I missed this, but I didn't find a setting for the Totals position.

    I have found Show/Hide Totals (in Data->Dimensions)  and Totals Styling (in Appearance->Totals)

    I didn't find a setting to choose the Position of the Totals... It is by default at the beginning for the horizontal dimension

    My suggestion was, since you can now choose the default position of the scroll bar (end/right), to be able to modify the position of the Totals to END/Right.

    If you have found this, please let me know. 

  •  Sorry, I attached a screen capture to my previous post but it seems to have not gone through.

    Trying again.

    It should be under Appearance / Totals / Totals Position, which for me is the first option under Totals, directly above "Totals Styling".  We use this option on several pivots and it works correctly - totals are either to the right or at the bottom, as appropriate based on the dimension being totaled.  I can confirm this being available in Pivot versions 2.2.1 through 2.6.0.

    (15.2 KB)
  • Hmmm... I don't see this in Desktop... See the attachment ?

    Are you on server ?

    (13 KB)

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  • Qlik Sense Desktop June 2019, Pivot Table 2.6.0.

  •  Yeah, Server. Currently April 2019 SP1.

    Perhaps it's not available in Desktop. I can't say I've ever tried, as we don't use the desktop version here at all.

    I'll let the fine folks at Vizlib take it from here - it might be a bug with the desktop version or it might be a functionality gap between the versions.

  • Catalin, may I ask you to check if the following option is available(screenshot below). Note that if this option is disabled, you should have access to the Totals Position option under Appearance. 

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  • Yes, you are right Pablo, that was the problem.

    Is there a reason why Totals Position is not available when Indent is set to Yes ? 

  • Hi Catalin,

    That's right! Since we let users freely move dimensions from the left hand side to the top, this limits the ability to show totals on the right hand side.


    If you enabled indent mode, the totals must show on the left, since these are indented. If the totals show on the left, this forces the totals position to the first option, since both the top & left layouts share the same option (see below). 

    This is working as designed - I can see the demand for showing a total column on the right hand side when indented, this is what you want to achieve, is that correct?

  • Hi Piers,

    Yes ... to your last question. Show totals on the right also when indented  is what I was looking for.

    I understand now that when indented, it is not possible to have the Totals on the Bottom and since Bottom and Right is a single option ... this is where the problem is coming from. 

    Maybe one solution might be to have Bottom/Right as 2 different settings

    Thank you. 

    PS. One more thing to make sure I understood correct.

    When you say 'If you enabled indent mode, the totals must show on the leftsince these are indented. ' ... would it be more precise to say  'If you enabled indent mode, the totals must show on the topsince these are indented. ' ? Even though it is the same setting(top/left - bottom/right), indentation makes it impossible to show the total on the bottom, not right... Right ? :)

  • Hi Catalin,

    yes that's correct

    Please can you confirm that you wish to have separate settings (when possible) for the following:

    • top
    • bottom

    • left
    • right

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  • Yes, exactly. 

    Different setting for top/bottom and left/right should do it.

    Thank you. 

  • We need top bottom setting to adjust the total row irrespective of the indent row enabled or disabled.

  • Hi All!

    This feature was implemented in version 2.8.0 of the Vizlib Pivot Table 

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