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Vizlib Table v3.5.0 released!

Release Date: 07/08/19

- [VSP-132], [VSP-602] : Introduce Formatted XLSX Excel export in Vizlib Table

Formatted export is now introduced to the Vizlib Table. Now both the Vizlib Pivot table and the Vizlib table have formatted export functionality. This means styled excel exports, matching the style shown in the Vizlib Table.

*please note that minicharts will not appear in the formatted export

- [VSP-338]: Custom Bulletchart colors per row

Color expressions were not evaluating for each row - now bulletcharts can have custom colors per row

*To update existing Vizlib table objects, please re-apply / update the expression 

- [VSP-547]: Total header missing after switching column representation between non-text types

The total header was not displayed after changing column representation to bulletchart/progress bar/indicator. Now the total header will continue to display in text mode as expected after switching between other representation modes. Other representation modes are not expected to display totals.

- [VSP-699]: Some text alignment settings shows table values out of visible area when "merge cells" setting enabled

Vertical text alignment caused some table values to disappear whilst scrolling through the Vizlib Table, when merge table cells functionality was enabled

- [VSP-676]: Format lost when switching between "Relative to total"

"Relative to total" feature blocked change of number format after enabling

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