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Vizlib Sheet Menu v1.9.0 released!

Release Date: 29/08/19

- [VSP-467]: Improvement to Vizlib Sheet Menu Initial load time

Improvements have been made to how the side menu elements are loaded in the Vizlib Sheet Menu. Objects like Filters & Calendars are now loaded when the side menu is opened rather than on initial page load

- [VSP-449]: Dragging to reorder top menu elements (within groups) is not working

A new link to the wizard has been added here to make reordering faster to find

- [VSP-778]: Top Sheet Menu navigation bar disappearing (when "hide sheet menu" enabled)

While changing sheet, flickering of the Vizlib Sheet Menu has now been reduced. 

The "hide sheet menu" option was also not working, this has now been fixed in this version. 

- [VSP-703]: Unexpected "calculation Condition is not fulfilled" error message on the Vizlib Pivot Table

Certain selection actions from the Vizlib Sheet Menu had caused issues for customers using the Vizlib Pivot Table

- [VSP-757]: Vizlib Sheet Menu mobile has the native selection header missing

The native Qlik Sense Mobile selection menu is now back

Known Limitations:

Please note that this version does allow scrolling sheets within Qlik Sense, this will be resolved soon

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