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Vizlib Combo Chart v1.4.0 released!

Release Date: 12/09/19

- [VSP-567]: Vizlib Combo Chart y-axis labels override character limit

Now a set number of characters can be shown in the title, providing a better display when used in smaller spaces such as Containers and also in custom Mashups

- [VZB-1578]: Vizlib Combo Chart implement time/duration formatting for y-axis values

Date & Time are now options for measure values

- [VSP-818] - [VSP-810]: Measure Axis number formatting has an extra decimal showing

The 10k format included decimals when it was not supposed to, other formats added extra decimals. Issue also occured when using custom formats

- [VSP-763]: If secondary axis is displayed, bars with negatives are not displayed 

Negative values were not displayed on bars that were part of the secondary axis

- [VSP-631]: Double width bar of a measure at the first value of a dimension in a combo chart

Bar width for the first bar was not consistent in certain configuration of the Vizlib Combo Chart

- [VZB-1291], [VZB-1932]: Incorrect coloring if one item is selected when using the gradient

When displaying one value with a gradient applied, the color of the value appeared to be black

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