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Vizlib Line Chart v3.2.0 released!

Release Date: 27/09/19

- [VSP-845]: Support for Dark themes/background in Vizlib Line Chart

The new custom Outer Background will color the background to the color of your chosen theme. 

The default option (alternative to the custom option) is to inherit the color of your Qlik Sense Theme

- [VSP-903]: VizLib LineChart - Tooltip out of the boundaries

The tooltip, when placed on the far right hand side, appeared off-screen

- [VSP-888]: Left Y-Axis line remains even when not in use

When moving expressions from left axis to the right axis, the left axis remained

- [VSP-851]: End of line cut off when 1 measure uses conditional expression

A small portion of the chart was missing when a conditional expression was used

- [VSP-895]: x-axis missing from Vizlib Line Chart after selections

Certain configurations had the x-axis missing after several selections had been made

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