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Time aware x axis


I don't know if your are dependent of a Sense feature or if you may have an action on this, why could we have a time aware axis (displaying automatically years, months, days... according to the available space) on line charts and not on bar and combo?


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  • Thanks for your feedback Vincent! We have quite a few extensions packages available (more on this here, under the Products tab), and maybe the Vizlib Story timeline is what you are looking for? (more on this  extension here

  • Thanks for your answer however this is not exactly what I was meaning I think.

    I was talking about this option in the line chart 


    In the example below, this option is activated on the line chart (right side) with the same dimension used in the combo chart on the left. But on this one, the option is not available and all dates are displayed resulting in an unreadable axis (instead of switching to months like in the line chart).

    So, I was wondering if the same option could be included in this kind of chart too.


  • Thanks for clarifying Vincent. I believe it would make complete sense to have it on the Vizlib Combo Chart too. Thanks for sharing! 

  • still not possible on combo chart. any updates?

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