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Vizlib Sheet Menu v1.9.5 released!

Release Date: 18/10/19

- [VZB-2307]: Scroll on mobile doesn't always work

Corrected scrollbar behaviour on iOS version.

- [VSP-955]: Side Bar padding on mobile

Padding of side menu in mobile was too big.

- [VZB-2259]: Sheet menu prevents export Story in Live mode 

Corrected export story live mode.

- [VSP-964]: Sheet menu is cutting the screen at the bottom by 10%

Corrected styling issues with bottom side of the screen.

- [VSP-954]: Top Menu takes over page on mobile device in portrait mode

Corrected styling issues in mobile mode.

- [VSP-944]: Tooltips not evaluating expressions

Tooltips were not evaluating qlik expressions. Those were displayed always as text.

- [VZB-1961]: Using fullscreen on IE

Corrected undesired behaviour on IE when some charts were in full screen mode.

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