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Vizlib Pivot Table v2.8.5 released!

Release Date: 06/11/19

- [VZB-2359]: Add option to show/hide Search icon from dimension label

The dimension search icon can now be disabled, to give developers an option whether to expose the entire list of values to end-users

- [VSP-921]: Unable to reach the last measures row with the vertical scrolling bar

The vertical scroll bar in some cases did not allow users to scroll to the end (at the bottom of the pivot table), half a row was missing from view

- [VSP-722]: Pivot Table Horizontal Scroll Bar moves after selection is made & default "start position" not working

The position of the horizontal scroll bar was reset after making a selection

- [VSP-628]: Pivot standard export changes when "user" adjusts pivot view

Unexpected sub-totals appear when the user changes the view and triggers an export

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