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Wrap Text in KPI Designer

Hi All,

Is it possible to wrap text in a text layer in the KPI designer, I'm finding it very frustrating to use the text layer because the text does not wrap it just gets cut off. I've tried creating multiple layers but the never line up properly.  Any ideas? I tried using chr(10) & chr(13) and that doesnt seem to work either.


  • Hi Mark,

    Great news! We have just released the Vizlib KPI Designer v1.8.0 which includes the feature you are asking about.

    It is brand new, check it out here:



  • That is not the answer for this option.

    How can I make forced line break in text? I need auto-fit and line break in special place of text.

  • I'm Looking for the same. Forcing a line break in the text? I tried <br> or </br> in Addition to Chr(10) or Chr(13), but it didn't help.

  • Same question. Are there any solutions for this?

  • With the current version of KPI Designer, in order to have a text with forced line breaks 
    you'll need to style your text in Advanced Text Object and save it as a master item 
    Then use the master item in the KPI designer as a ,aster item layer 

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