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Pivot Table - Adding Interactive Sorting Feature

Could you please add the feature of interactive sorting in your next release/roadmap of the Vizlib Pivot Table?


I am essentially referring to the functionality that allows the user to select a measure (table field for his perspective) and see all the table columns sorted based on the values of this field (in an ascending/descending order).

This feature already exists in the Vizlib Table.

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  • Hi Vasileos,

    Thanks for your feedback & suggestion,

    This is a challenge at the moment since the sorting is managed by the Qlik Engine and does not natively have an option for sorting by measure, which is why this feature does not exist for the Qlik's native pivot table in Qlik Sense

  •  I think this one might be difficult to design, as well. What do you expect to happen insofar as sorting when a column is clicked? Do we:

    * Sort every row individually, which breaks up the pivot structure? This is basically what happens in a table, but there are no pivot limitations there.

    * Sort every row and then re-build the structure so the first dimension is the one with the single highest row, etc?

    * Sort the first dimension , keeping the rest in the same order?

    * Sort within every dimension internally, keeping the structure intact? This results in secondary dimensions being sorted differently within each preceding dimension.

    * Sort each dimension individually based on its total, and then assign the pivot structure based on that? This maintains the same secondary dimension order within each preceding dimension but may be confusing to users.

    * Sort within some (but not all) dimensions, keeping the structure intact?

    * Something else entirely?

    There are some workarounds for specific aspects of pivot table sort-by-Y-value around which you can find on Qlik's site - perhaps those will help depending on which of these approaches fits your needs.

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