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Vizlib Filter v3.0.0 released!

Release Date: 28/11/19

[VZB-2041]: Improved Performance

Vizlib Filter 3.0.0 brings a load time performance improvement of up to 50%! 

Faster load when having several vizlib filters on the same page (specially if field has a large amount of dimension values).

[VZB-2041]:Add selection confirmation window for listbox filter mode

A confirmation window now appears, so that users can complete making selections.

This can be enabled/disabled through the new "Quick select" interactivity option.

[VSP-668]:Add a search mode called Exact search under search options in Vizlib Filter

Featured in the Vizlib Community –multiple types of search are now available in the Vizlib Filter

[VSP-1028]:<p> HTML tag causing display issues in mashup

Custom mashup HTML caused errors in the Vizlib Filter

[VSP-1015]:Vizlib Filter default selection not working in mashup

Default selections were not working in mashups

[VSP-1001], [VSP-961], [VSP-933]:Vizlib Filter Icon Incorrect in the Search field and in the drill-down

The search & drill-down icons were not displaying correctly in more recent versions of Qlik Sense

[VSP-960]:Syntax error on Internet Explorer 

The Vizlib Filter was not working in Internext Explorer

[VSP-945]:Filter does not react to Dim change after being turned into a master item

The Vizlib Filter was not updating after changing the dimension of a master item

[VSP-858]:Firefox buttongroup displaying incorrectly

The buttongroup, on occasion, did not display the content of the last button when using firefox

[VSP-837]:Vizlib Filter cannot select more than 1000 values

Up to 1000 values were able to be selected at one time, including when search was used

[VSP-773]:Bottom Border in selection mode sometimes is not visible

Bottom Border in selection mode is sometimes not visible

[VSP-480]:Vizlib Filter duplicates values shown in list when conditions are used in values

Duplicate values were shown in the value list when conditions were used in the dimension

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