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Calendar: When selecting range, allow excluded values to be selected too

 In Vizlib Calendar, when a range is selected, Vizlib does not select all of the dates in that range - it only selects those dates which are Possible (white) in that range, while ignoring gray (excluded) values. My request is to allow excluded dates to be selected as well, as a new option and without changing the default behavior.

A simple use case where this is very relevant:

A user selects region = North America. Then, the date range Jan 1st 2019 through Dec 31st 2019 is selected. Vizlib Calendar selects the 200 possible values - dates in which at least one sale happened in North America. 

Our user now removes the Region = North America selection. In this context, the user expects to see all of the company sales for 2019, but instead, they will see partial sales - on sales on the 200 days in which at least one sale happened in North America. Days in which products were sold elsewhere (but not in North America) will be excluded because when we selected a range in our calendar, only the Possible values at the time were selected.

The desired behavior in this use case is for the entire date range between Jan 1st 2019 and Dec 31st to be selected, so that when other selections are modified, we will still see data for the entire (relevant) portion of 2019. This is equivalent to filtering the Date field using the expression >=Jan-01-2019<=Dec-31-2019, and as such it is consistent with how Qlik actually filters when you type in a range - it's just a different way to approach the same filter. As mentioned above, I don't think this should replace the default - I am hoping this can be added as an option to be enabled where needed.


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  • Thanks Or!

    Good use case and a good improvement to the calendar

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  • Hi Or

    After taking a closer look at this, we've come to the following conclusion:

    The excluded values shown in grey are already selected, but are not available in the data, so they will never be shown. We cannot make them be shown, it is up to the user to clear selections of other fields to show these, then the selections will be made available.

    Please see the attached video for the example (this uses our example app)

  •  Hello Piers,

    After further investigation, it turns out this suggestion was unnecessary - the behavior we were having problems with was not intended but rather a bug in Calendar 1.6.0, which was fixed in the following version.



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