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Vizlib Pie Chart v1.8.0 released!

Release Date: 12/02/20

- [LIB-4269]: Improvements to Pie Chart Tool-tip

The pie chart tool-tip now included extra context across existing measures and dimension. New measures added will be shown in the tooltip

- [LIB-4344]: Display "No Data to display" when values are not available 

When missing values were not available, the pie chart did not update

- [LIB-4319]: Drilldown Icon Incorrect in june'19 & sept'19

Icon references changed in Qlik, changing the icon that was shown

- [LIB-4372]: Legend not responsive in some cases 

Legends were not scaling properly when changing the size of the object/browser

- [LIB-4379]: Qlik Nov Support - Custom fonts not working

Custom Fonts were not being applied after Qlik Sense Nov'19 upgrade

- [LIB-4475]: Donut inside value not placed correctly

Values inside donuts were not [positioned correctly

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