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Vizlib Combo Chart v1.4.4 released!

Release Date: 12/02/20

- [LIB-4391]: Too much white space under the x-axis in horizontal mode

Spacing was excessive in horizontal mode

- [LIB-4404]: Arrows in legend of combo chart not working on iPad

Click-to-scroll legend was not working on iPad

- [LIB-4410]: Axis title for the secondary axis is missing

Secondary axis title was missing

- [LIB-4325]: Setting Color Scheme to Single Color hides the Legend option 

Single color scheme was making the legend disappear making it difficult to understand the difference between certain symbols and patterns

- [LIB-4393, LIB-3339 ]: Issue when Selecting Alternative Dimensions

Errors were produced when selecting alternative dimensions

- [LIB-4440]: Switching the X-axis on a published combo triggers an error

Swapping the axis produced errors in the console and in Qlik Sense

- [LIB-4481]: Hiding Legend also Hides Y axis set to Secondary Position

Hiding the legend move the y-axis to the alternative position

- [LIB-4376]: Row-level color not calculating for line style in Combo Chart

Color expression for line did not calculate at row level

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