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Vizlib Custom Report v4.0.1 released!

Release Date: 23/04/20

- [VSS-513]: Analytic Search

:mag: Search-driven analytics has just landed in Qlik Sense:boom:Our brand-new Analytic Search capability in Vizlib Custom Report lets even the most non-technical people query their dataset and quickly find answers to their data questions – with ZERO training! It's like googling, but for data analytics – fast and easy access to data, pure data brilliance :open_mouth:

 :bulb:Custom Report automatically chooses the best chart based on your query, allowing you to switch between different types of visualisations in real-time.
:studio_microphone: Oh, and you can search by voice, too. 

Full documentation for Analytic Search is found here.

- [VSS-516]: Native Map

The Qlik Sense Map object is now available to show countries in the Custom Report!

- [VSS-525]: Native KPI 

The Qlik Sense KPI object is now available to show your measures without using any dimensions in the Custom Report! 

Documentation for all visualizations including features and limitations is found here.

- [VSS-590]: Snapshot get wrong size of visualization text relative to the Custom Report titles

- [VSS-477]: Custom Report sometimes update unnecessarily

- [VSS-473]: Bookmarks does not always work on a private sheet in QSE

- [VSS-582]: Custom Report bookmarks not always working

- [VSS-558]: Copying Table in Custom Report doesn't follow table edits

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