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Vizlib Finance Report v3.1.0 - Adding columns in template



I noticed that columns can be added to the template and Vizlib will create these additional columns in Qlik in the "clsp_" table. For example, I added a couple columns between Multiple and RowNumFormat columns and assigned values to be referenced in the pick calculation to be used for particular report rows. And this seems to work, however, speed performance was affected. Is this something you encourage or advise against? If encourage, any best practice suggestions?




  • I'll add some more information of what I'm trying to do. I like the ease of using Account ranges in the simple default calculation of Regular row type for certain measures. But I also would like to access Account ranges outside of those default ranges for other measures. I believe RowFromOverride and RowToOverride are used to reference Report RowNumbers, not Account ranges. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    How can I access Account ranges outside of the default ranges?

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