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Vizlib Sheet Menu v2.4.0 released!

Release Date: 06/05/20

- [LIB-3533]: Show selection panel fixed when sheet is extended/scrollable

Enabling the sticky selection panel, keeps the selection panel in view when using scrollable sheets. Enabling this option will move the selection confirmation (as shown in the bar chart below), into the chart area.

- [LIB-3618],  [LIB-5168] : Adding KPI/VATO/BUtton Master Visualization in the Vizlib Sheet Menu

Ability to add the KPI Designer, Advanced Text Object and Button to the side Menu

- [LIB-5817]: Master objects are hidden from the sheet when entering edit mode

master objects were hidden after entering edit mode when the sheet menu "hidden from canvas" option was enabled

- [LIB-5558]: App info button does not work in the top menu

Qliks app info button was not working inside the sheet menu, affecting some versions of Qlik Sense

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