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Vizlib Sheet Menu v2.4.1 released!

Release Date: 20/05/20

- [LIB-5873]: Added support for Qlik Sense April 2020  

Qlik's Top menu options were not available in Vizlib Sheet Menu (using Qlik April 2020)  - data page options now appear in the left hand side menu button. This includes data manager, data load editor, data model viewer.

- [LIB-5732]: Container box not responsive when Sheet Menu added to sheet

Vizlib Sheet Menu caused cosmetic issues with container box

- [LIB-5933]: Upgrade to version 2.4.0 causes the side menu master item to reduce height without user input

Side menu master items had height reduced and scroll applied automatically, this has now been reverted and is an optional setting for existing sheet menu objects

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