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Vizlib Collaboration v1.6.0 released!

Release Date: 26/05/20

- [CLB-1396]:  Introducing Vizlib Teamwork!
Big changes are coming to the Vizlib Collaboration product. As a first step, we are renaming the Vizlib Collaboration extension to Vizlib Teamwork.

- [CLB-1090]: Application reload and comments visibility

Tired of seeing outdated comments because your data has changed? No worries, Vizlib Teamwork can now filter out those comments for you based on the last application reload! 

- [CLB-1063]:  Vizlib Server - Security Rules Management 
A brand new way of controlling security access around Collaboration has landed! Learn more here.

- [CLB-1268]: Inline images for comments
 Have you missed the option of linking and storing how a visualization looked when posting a comment? Those days are gone with inline images!

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