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Vizlib Filter v3.3.0 released!

Release Date: 01/06/20

- [LIB-2970]: Added Qlik's app-level "always one selected value" option, to the property panel

We now offer a new option for always one selected value, working exclusively with fields. 

- [LIB-3541]: Add styling options to the Filter Dropdown

New styling options for dropdown mode, with font, border, background customisation

- [LIB-3750]: Included search disable option for dropdown filter

- [LIB-5692]: Property Panel Search

Searching is now possible in the property panel. Enter a property like "color" to find all of the color settings at once. 

- [LIB-5571]: Make single selections when holding CTRL key

Individual toggle based selections can be made when holding the CTRL key

- [LIB-5332]: Dimension values longer than 14 characters are not displayed

Longer dimension names were appearing truncated

- [LIB-5733]: Dimension Sorted By expression hides all values in the list

Values were hidden when custom sorting was in use

- [LIB-4899]: Context menu clear field was not working

Clear Field did not clear field with option located in context menu

- [LIB-5523]: Search results stopped intermittently

After repeating searches, sometimes results would stop showing

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