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Dynamic Sheet Menu Sheets


One of our users has shown interest in having community sheets being added to the sheet menu dynamically, S whenever a new sheet was created in the app, it would appear in the menu. 

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  • Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for the feedback! We have big plans for the Vizlib Sheet Menu. It is a popular extension and we'd love to make it more popular. We'eve had "auto-populating sheet menu" options on the roadmap for some time this year and are thinking of ways to have this work dynamically and optionally take on new sheets after they are created. 

    If you have any further feedback on how you'd anticipate this working in your apps, we could consider including that feedback before the end of the planning phase of this feature

  • Hi guys,

    I have had a chat internally with the new Product Manager for Vizlib Library.

    The Vizlib sheet Menu is undergoing an extensive reworking to radically improve its performances and enhance even more its functionalities.

    This particular request is in our backlog but, for the reasons I mentioned above, can't be taken into account for the time being as a priority.

    Implementing a customer feature request depends also on other factors, for example, the number of customers requesting it and the number of upvotes from other customers.

    We will hopefully pick this up in 2021, please feel free to remind us about this!


    Giuseppe Lolli

    Customer Success Manager

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