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Vizlib Custom Report v4.3.0 released!

Release Date: 16/06/20

 [VSS-697]: Add new icons

New nicer looking icons for all visualizations both in the user interface and in the property panel.

- [VSS-601]: Add native scatter chart to custom report

Added the scatter chart as yet another visualization option in the Custom Report. Note: This has to be activated for each data-set to become available!

- [VSS-719]: "Show details" does not appear in April 2020

A new dialogue for show details has been built. This will be further improved with more information in future versions. Feel free to offer suggestions "feature requests" in our user portal forum on what details to include.

- [VSS-732]: Add search to property panel

Find the right setting quicker! Use the property panel search that is now available in the Custom Report!

- [VSS-788]: Inconsistance in Vizlib Table's columns alignment settings.

The alignment in the table should of course default to the same as the Vizlib Table does from the start. Now fixed.

- [VSS-787]: Incorrect display of VIzlib Table in custom report.

This was actually more of a misunderstanding of what settings for bar width etc. does in the property panel. Settings have now been renamed reordered and should be much clearer :-)

- [VSS-668]: Visualization type changes when going from Analysis mode to Story mode

The state of the visualization was not entirely kept when moving to Story Mode.

- [VSS-696]: Double reload issue and console errors

Mainly a performance fix where the visualization would sometimes update when it did not have to.

- [VSS-757]: Hover over dimensions and measures should work with descrption expression

Improved how we get data from the master item behind dimensions and measures.

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