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Custom Report - add all customization options available on core elements

The Custom Report is a pretty cool capability but it is of limited value because each VizLib visualization offers a very, very finite number of customization.  Each VizLib chart element offered in the custom report should offer the same customization options as its "big brother" in the main library.

  • Hi Ruth,
    thank you for your feedback! The goal of the Custom Report has not been to replace the entire Qlik Sense experience. For anyone that would like to develop specific reports and visualizations we still recommend using the full capability offered to Qlik Sense developers in the normal client. (Of course in combination with the Vizlib visualizations where you have an immense number of customization settings. :-) )

    That said, we are adding the most commonly requested options to the user interface of the Custom Report (available through right-click for all users). Any specific features or settings you would like to have available there please let us know and we will consider them!

    Kind regards 


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