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Combo Chart - grid lines displaying in front of bars

Sometimes, the chart grid line are being displayed in front of the bars, making it appear the bars are segmented (see attachment).  I haven't found a pattern, yet, of when this occurs.

This is version 1.4.3.

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  • Same here! Did you find a solution to this? It seems to be a random thing, like in my charts here:


    The bottom one is a duplicate of the one above (just changed the data), yet the grid lines are appearing behind the bars, opposed to the original one. Both have the exact same formatting:


    Quite peculiar.

  • Hi Timmy, you'll be happy to know that we've fixed this issue is fixed in v1.9.0 release. 

    Please update to receive this fix.

    Thank you for your input Ruth :) 

  • Oh okay... Then I'll just have to wait for my company to implement upgrades

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