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CL-Custom Report Plus - set default chart type?

Hi all,

We just upgraded from version 3.9 to 5.2.0 for the custom report plus. We do not have "automatic chart selection" turned on. We do have defer layout on. Is there anyway to default the chart to select the table option first without the user having to manually select it? I tried defaulting the table to start with that selection but that didn't seem to work.



  • Hey Milissa,

    Pleasure speaking with you again. 

    Regarding your query when you'd like a visualisation to be set as the default in the Vizlib Custom Report you have to achieve this in by saving the default. Save default. CR will pick the default of the first listed data-set.

    To elaborate on this if I'd like the Pivot Table Set as the first visualisation, i'll need to Select dims and measures i'd like, then select the pivot table visualisation.

    After this use the save default option as above and save app. 

    Next time you open the app it will start with a pivot table and the dims and measures you selected.

    I hope this is able to resolve your query

  • Hi Daniel,

    I want no dimensions and measures to be selected but have Table as the default. That is not happening. If i add table to the Analytic Search and hit "Save default state" when I come back in, table is not selected. I have to manually select Table again.



  • Hey Milissa, 

    Can you confirm you're doing this changes to the default data set state?  As I previously thought this was an issue too until I changed the data set I was seeing.

    Turns out I was saving changes to my small data set while looking at the big data set. 

    Can you confirm this please? 

    You can change This can be done by using the Gear icon to confirm you're using the right data set

  • Hi Daniel,

    Yes, hitting the "return to default state" does clear all my fields, as I would desire. However it still does not default to "Table".

    If I follow your instructions in your previous email AND use dimensions/measures it works. It does not work if I only use the chart type of table. 

    Can you create a default of JUST table with no dimensions and measures? That is what I am asking about.

  • Hi Melissa

    This seems to be a legacy issue with Custom Report and not a bug.   In your app she should delete any variables starting with Custom Report that has values inside them. 

    These were used in a much earlier version but not anymore and they will mess up your current settings for defaults.    Another thing that can mess up default's is if your using a default bookmark on App open because we store the state in the bookmark and when the bookmark is applied that has precedence over the default state.  

    The above is documented here ( Set and Manage Defaults in Custom Report ).

    I hope that helps.  I'll convert this into a ticket if that's ok with you.

    Thanks and KInd Rgeards


  • Hi Raza,

    In the application I am testing in, I do not have a default bookmark set. 

    I did have a variable  for the climber report. I have deleted it.

    I test this by making a brand new custom report, adding a table to it, going to the analytic search bar and typing and selecting "table visualization", editing the custom report, saving it as a default state, clicked "done editing", exited the application and re-entered it and the table was not saved as a default.

    Yes, you can certainly turn this into a ticket, thank you!


  • Question was resolved in a call with a support member 

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