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Vizlib Custom Report v5.3.1 released!

Release Date: 22/09/20

- [VSS-876]: Snapshot object size options added

The visualization inside Custom Report an now be scaled in different ways in the snapshot. See options below:

- [VSS-504]: [Intelligent Search] Mark tags and text functionality

Marking text and tags by dragging the mouse or using arrows + shift is now possible.

- [VSS-969]: Vizlib Pivot table error

The Vizlib Pivot table would sometimes not render correctly and throw an error in the console log.

- [LIB-6673]: Inteligent search - Incorrect assignment of charts dependent on dimension and measure.

The line chart was (incorrectly) not selected when using date dimensions in intelligent search with auto chart selection on.

- [VSS-1037]: Not working "Switch data set" option and console errors.

Returning to the default data set using the context menu did not work.

- [VSS-953]: Newly added Data Set has already set dimensions and measures as first Data Set

Data sets missing defaults sometimes would pick up other defaults.

- [VSS-1055]: Search is cleared when opening groups

Search now stays open with selected items visible even when expanding groups during a search.

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