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Vizlib Custom Report v5.3.2 released!

Release Date: 25/09/20

- [VSS-1074]: Custom Report - show details not working for some measures

Some measures would not have the details show up. Should now work for all measures.

- [VSS-1056]: Analytic Search overlap chart

When using a very large number of dimensions and measures in the Analytic Search it would overlap the space that was supposed to be used by the visualization.

- [VSS-1002]: Different behavior of tags in search when searching dimension/measure through Search in left panel 

Search in the left panel was a bit inconsistent in that the selected search result would not always be active.

- [VSS-1025]: Two tags in analytic search and console errors

Dimensions that had both a name and a description would show up twice (once for each) in the Analytic Search bar

- [VSS-1043]: Using drag and drop in Wizard causing displaying a big message "Drop the files to add all data".

Bug in drag/drop that would show huge message.

- [VSS-1024]: Bad position popup in analytic search

Scrolling in Analytic Search would move pop-up to the wrong place.

- [VSS-1070]: Custom Report Dimension Filters Selection Not Working

For new objects using the selection filter did not work.

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