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Vizlib Scatter Chart v3.4.0 released!

Release Date: 27/10/20

- [LIB-6637]: Use Clusters In Other Parts of The App

Scatter chart advance analytics now create automatically a variable that display the clustering class for each dimension value.

you can use this variable to create visualizations that add context to the clusters.

Known limitation:

This feature only works when the variable is used in the same screen where the source scatter chart is displayed.

-[LIB-6238]: Image, Icons, Symbols for Points
Ability to define different type of representation for points allows to create easier to read and analyze scatter charts.
allowing users to easily gain insight from the scatter chart.

defining the new display is done in the dimension settings :

- [LIB-6242]: Second Dimension Customization
Ability to customize the font color, size and type of the second dimension.

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