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Pivot Table: Add HTML Formatting To The Measure Labeing

Hi Support,

I am using the Vizlib Pivot Table with a few dimensions as rows and multiple measures which are columns. I'd like to use HTML formatting in the measure labeling in my header row. Specifically, I'd like to add line breaks with <br>. This works in the Vizlib table labeling but is not working for the Pivot table. I also tried to use chr(10) and chr(13) but those were also unsuccesful. Can this please be added to a future release. If possible, it would also be great to have background color overriding for the different measure labels. I am only able to color the header with one color across all measure but I'd like to have different background colors for each label.

Thank you,

Brian Droesch

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  • I have 2 question related to this questions above:

    1. How do I indent row in a vizlib straight table using html in measures ? 
    2. How do I resize the size of the rows ? given the options I can play with the row size but this does not show all my text. Is there a way the table automatically fits in all the text.

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