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Vizlib Sheet Menu v2.10.0 released!

Release Date: 26/11/20

* Using this version you'll need to add a sheet menu object to all sheets in the app. 

    We’ve made this change as we found issues with performance, actions, and dynamic change to sheet menu design when navigating the app. 

    The only solution was to implement a new method for Vizlib Sheet Menu, which required the object to be added to every sheet in the app, and ensures it will be rendered/visualized even

    when using a deep-sheet-link.
    We were aware this would mean additional work for users who’d been developing apps with previous versions of Vizlib Sheet Menu, but felt the change would lead to a more coherent

    developer and user experience. At Vizlib we do our utmost to avoid causing any inconvenience by making changes to functionality.

- [LIB-7497]: Variable Action Doesn't Work

Top Menu doesn't change color set for the sheet Menu Item through a 'Set Variable' Action.

- [LIB-7810]: Story Mode Display

Sheet menu should not appear in Story Mode.

- [LIB-7592]: Tabs Distribution In Top Menu

When eight or more sheets are placed in the Top menu, they don't get distributed evenly.

- [LIB-7558]: Vertical Scroll Position

Scroll position retains in the same position after toggling to a different sheet.

Improved load time and response time up to 3-5 time faster load time.

 Vizlib Sheet Menu Documentation