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Vizlib KPI Designer v1.18.0 released!

Release Date: 27/11/20

- [LIB-7533]: Waterfall Display in KPI Designer

Waterfall chart can be displayed in KPI Designer as master item layer.

- [LIB-8005]: IE Support

Extension doesn't work in IE.

- [LIB-7578]: Qlik Sense Stories Design

Snapshots difficult to move in story slide.

- [LIB-7858]: Performance Improvement

KPI designer slows down QlikSense.

- [LIB-7924]: App Number Formats Support

The thousand separator and decimal separator change in load script isn't reflected on the Num. Format Dropdown.

- [LIB-7367]:Text Layer Indicator Display

 Incorrect Indicator display with respect to threshold expression.

- [LIB-7915]:  Text Layer Indicator Display 

Fix threshold issues.

- [LIB-7519]: Text Layer Number Custom Format

Custom format in the text layer isn't being displayed in version 1.17.0.

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