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Vizlib Custom Report v5.6.0 released!

Release Date: 02/12/20

- [VSS-1245]: Add sort Pivot Table by first measure 

Sorting is now available on the context (right-click) menu. 

- [VSS-1269]: Improve control of details

Some people want less information (yeah, I know it sounds weird). Anyway, it is now possible to control how much detail should be shown to users in that nice looking view for meta-data.

- [VSS-1272]: Custom Report - Number Format isn't reflected on the chart

Number formats changes were not respected in Custom Report. This is now fixed but one small limitation.
In QS September 2020 there seems to be a Qlik Sense issue with updating the number format property (red arrow in image). To get the update to "take" you will need to flip the switch in the settings (green arrow) back and forth one time after changing the number format. 

- [VSS-1339]: [mashup] Deep context menu appears in different place

The second level of the context menu was not appearing quite in the right place. It should now be a lot easier to find. (A fix for a similar issue in other menus is coming in the next version of Custom Report. This fix only applies to the context-menu.)

- [VSS-1359]: Custom Report - Bookmarks not working without measures

We had accidentally limited bookmarks from being saved when no measures were selected. Dimensions-only bookmarks is now allowed.

- [VSS-1351]: Custom Report crash, when using the new data-set creator

It was way too easy to crash the data set creator. Give it your best shot now!

- [VSS-1226]: Custom Report- Measure names with two words are being removed from the data-set when switching to edit mode

Of course we want to be able to have multi-word measures also in edit-mode.

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