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Duplicating a Row should hold the permissions of the row it is duplicating


Within the writeback table, there is the duplicate row feature. 

In my table, I have duplicate row enabled. Within my table, I have some fields that are not editable, and some that are. See the first 4 for columns in my table, they are not editable. However, when I duplicate the row, all the fields are now editable. I specifically don't have "Add Row" available, because I don't want the users to be able to add whatever they want to the table. In my opinion, it would be nice if the fields retained the permissions of the duplicated fields. So in my example below, the first row is the original row and the second row is the duplicated row. If they held the permissions of the row they were duplicated from, the first 4 fields in the second row would not be editable and the rest would be editable.


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