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Multiline Textarea in vizlib writeback table

How about a multiline textarea in a vizlib writeback table?

I want to create a new writeback column which can save multiline text (e.g. out of an Email via Copy/Paste).

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  • Hi Vizlib Team, this feature would be really needed and would provide massive usefulness for our Qlik Dashboards using the writeback table. Please let us know, if "Multiline Textarea", will be available in the near future.

    Thank you in advance


    Felix Mai

    Lead Business Analyst at HERE Technologies

  • This feature is now implemented in the latest release!

  • That is awesome :). We will test this out.

    Best Regards

    Felix Mai

  • Dear Vizlib Team, the multi-line text edits works now using the new release. We really appreciate the fast solution.
    We tested the vizlib pivot table and well the data from the multiline field can be wrapped, but this doesn't show our writeback comments in the way we added them. Attached a snapshot, which shows the writeback comments and the presentation inside the vizlib pivot table. We would appreciate if there's a workaround showing the comments in bullets.

    Thank you in advance



  • Dear Vizlib Team,

    do you see a way showing the multiline text from our writeback table inside the vizlib pivot table as entered bullets? Please see attached the current status we are running in.

    Thank you in advance for a workaround
    Best Regards

    Felix Mai

    Lead Business Analyst 

    HERE Technologies


  • Dear Vizlib Team,

    a really helpful functionality! But I don't wether it's a bug or a feature (at least in Vers. 3.8.0):

    An editable text area field (e.g. with 3 rows) can be scrolled while a not editable text area field can not be scrolled.

    Could someone please let me know if/how this can be solved?

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards,


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