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Line Chart - Allow Alternative Dimensions and Measures

If possible, add ability to select alternative dimensions and/or measures in Line Charts.  There are times when I'd like my advanced analytics to be based on monthly totals and other times when I'd like it to be based on weekly totals without having to add another page to the container.

Not sure if this is possible, however.

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  • Hi, everybody

    this feature will be great, please include it in the implementation queue, I already have several views awaited by the functionality.

  • the functionality would be excellent considering also master items in the alternative measures

  • Dear any position on the resolution of this problem? We are going through this situation and we need support.

  • Hello everyone, is there a forecast for the implementation and or correction of this functionality?

  • Gentlemen, good afternoon.

    Do we have any positioning regarding attendance for this post?

    Any planning for implementation or workaround that we may be using?

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