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Vizlib Filter v3.7.0 released!

Release Date: 30/12/20

- [LIB-7459]: Measure and Indicator Display

Ability to add measure and threshold to indicate the significance and state of individual item in the field.
Enabling user to easily see the impact of individual item even if it's excluded from selections.

* Known Limitation:
Threshold measures is calculated in app level and not row level, returning one value to all field items. 

- [LIB-7838]: Icons\images display for dimension value

Ability to add images or icons to filter display, allowing users easier way to find highlighted items.
Taking advantage of visual representation which easier to understand.  

- [LIB-7806]: Dependency File 

 Failure to load dependency file.

- [LIB-7119]: One Selected Value

Sheet Level always one value selected option doesn't work.

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